Community Endowments

Community endowments are permanent funds at Main Street Community Foundation that were established to allow residents opportunities to volunteer and actively participate in grantmaking efforts to support their communities. Additionally, community endowments are a great way for people to learn about the needs in their local community, and collaborate on solutions for the most emerging needs to affect positive change. The community endowments are anchors for the towns and causes.

To learn more about the community endowments established at Main Street Community Foundation, check out the following.

Burlington Community Fund

The Burlington Community Fund was established in 2011 by a group of committed community leaders to provide a permanent source of funding for charitable projects and programs that will enhance the quality of life in their community. 

For more information about the Burlington Community Fund, visit the Fund's page

Men & Boys' Fund

The Men & Boys’ Fund works to make it possible for men and boys to improve the quality of their lives, increase self-sufficiency and make a positive difference in their community. The Fund was established in 2016 and supports programs and initiatives that benefit men and boys in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott.

For more information about the Men & Boys' Fund, visit the Fund's page

Plainville Community Fund

The Plainville Community Fund creates a permanent resource for charitable programs and projects in the Plainville community. In 2006, a group of community leaders came together for a common but simple goal: to enhance the quality of life for Plainville residents.  

For more information about the Plainville Community Fund, visit the Fund's page

Women & Girls Fund

The Women & Girls Fund was established in 2001 and programs and initiatives that advance opportunities for women and girls of all ages in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott. 

For more information about the Women & Girls Fund, visit the Fund's page

Contributing to a Community Endowment

Individuals, families, businesses and organizations can make tax-deductible contributions to any of the community endowments through our website or by sending a check written out to Main Street Community Foundation with the memo line indicating the name of the fund. Contributions can be mailed to: P.O. Box 2702, Bristol, CT 06011-2702.

Volunteering to Support a Community Endowment

Make an impact. Meet new people. Strengthen your community. There are many different ways to give back, and volunteering is an important one. All of the community endowments rely on volunteers to carry out the Funds' purpose and improve the lives of local residents. Main Street Community Foundation encourages inclusive civic engagement and by providing information about yourself and your interests our team can identify potential opportunities. Contact the Foundation at 860.583.6363 or send an email to to connect.