CornerStone Society

A cornerstone provides a strong support to a structure for its future stability. Laying this groundwork for the future is critical.

Like this permanent support, Cornerstone Society members lay the groundwork for the organizations and causes they care about most and the future stability of the Foundation.

The opportunity to give later is simple. You can leave a bequest to the Main Street Community Foundation for the causes you care about in a will or trust, through a retirement plan designation, life insurance beneficiary designation, remainder interest in real estate, or other planned giving vehicles.

If you would like to include the Foundation in your estate plan or you have already done so, kindly contact us so that we may include you in the list of others who have communicated their plans to leave a bequest to the Foundation.

Cornerstone Society Members

  • Anonymous 1
  • Anonymous 2
  • Anonymous 3
  • Anonymous 4
  • Anonymous 5
  • Anonymous 6
  • Anonymous 7
  • Anonymous 8
  • Anonymous 9
  • Anonymous 10
  • Anonymous 11
  • Robert J. Alim
  • Tom & Melanie Barnes
  • Sidney M. Bernard* & Edward J. Miller
  • Whit & Jarre Betts
  • Robert C. Boudreau
  • Ken Burns
  • Robert & Rebecca Caiaze
  • Father Salvatore Cavagnuolo
  • Dr. Ann Clark
  • Peter & Eileen* Engels
  • Karen Elaine Finder
  • Terry* & Marguerite Fletcher
  • Mark & Michelle Gibson
  • David Greenleaf
  • Bill & Anita Hamzy
  • Gayle Kall
  • Hal Kilby
  • Joan Lincoln
  • Susan Mazer
  • Laura Schlesinger Minor
  • Janis Neri
  • Robert & Ella Mae Packard
  • Richard E. & Margaret W. Palarczyk
  • Lynne M. Peters
  • David & Kathy Preleski
  • Kevin Prior
  • Jeanne Radcliff
  • Daniel* & Patricia Saccu
  • Susan & Ronald Sadecki
  • Noreen Schumann
  • John E. Smith
  • Bill & Kim Tracy
  • Karen Ann Varasconi
  • Dr. Joan T. Wallace
  • Leon & Susan W. Woiciechowski


Bequests Fulfilled

  • Carlyle & Elizabeth Barnes
  • Irene Brzezinski
  • Raymond & Lorraine Corsini
  • Roland & Shirley Dumont
  • Mark M. Keating
  • David Kushlan
  • Richard Lass
  • Elizabeth I. Matt
  • Robert & Carmen Merriman
  • Al & Joan Monico
  • Eva M. Pierce
  • Don & Betty Radcliff
  • David Reidy
  • Peter S. Saman
  • Glo Sessions
  • Elizabeth M. Tyrrell

Bequests and Gift Planning

The Main Street Community Foundation is built on the dreams and desires of people who are part of the Foundation’s service area. For some donors, the desire to create a legacy comes during their life as a current gift. For others, these legacies are shaped by the donor as future bequests or planned gifts. Large or small, all of these gifts will enhance the quality of life in our community for generations to come.

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