Community Impact


Bristol Talks Teal

In the month of September, teal bows adorn fence posts, lightposts, trees, and doorways - while lawn signs convey an important message throughout Bristol. All have been placed to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Tony Lodovico established the “Bristol Talks Teal Fund” at Main Street Community Foundation in his wife’s honor in 2013. Judie Lodovico is a twelve year ovarian cancer survivor.

While the fund’s primary purpose is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms, its ultimate goal is to save lives through early detection of the disease. Teal is the color associated with ovarian cancer awareness campaigns, and September has been designated as National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. The fund’s future will also assist individuals who suffer from ovarian cancer and may qualify for, and need, medical assistance they cannot provide for themselves.

Ovarian cancer awareness information is displayed throughout the community on teal ribbons, posters, and lawn signs. “Teal has become the landscape for Bristol for the month of September,” Judie shared. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often vague and /or confused with other conditions, causing most women to find out too late that they indeed have the disease. It is the deadliest of all gynecological cancers and is known as the “silent killer”.

Judie received a thank you note from a neighbor who received an early diagnosis and effective treatment for ovarian cancer because she recognized her own symptoms due to the “Bristol Talks Teal” campaign.

The first two years of Turn the Town Teal were financed entirely by the Lodovico Family. However, many people came forward and offered to help. Tony and Judie were reluctant to accept donations at first, but a great number of people from the Bristol community continued to offer their support. The Lodovicos realized that Turn the Town Teal had already significantly impacted the community – and would have the potential to make an even greater impact if they included other donors in the ovarian cancer awareness campaign.

“The generosity of the people of Bristol motivated us to establish the Bristol Talks Teal Fund. We wanted to pay it forward, to give something back,” explained Tony Lodovico, “We felt that it was important to keep the donations in Bristol. We are very proud of the way our community has embraced our attempt to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms to help save women’s lives.”

We are very grateful to the following donors who supported the 2013 “Bristol Talks Teal” campaign:

  • Eric and Nancy Abrahamson
  • Laurie Amara
  • Denise Baron
  • Barbara Barton
  • Whit and Jarre Betts
  • Bristol Custom Colors
  • Catherine Cassin
  • Louis and Theresa Cercone
  • Bea Cerrone
  • Presentacion Coughlin
  • Country Manor Realty, Inc.
  • Crown Oil Co., Inc.
  • C.V. Mason & Co., Inc.
  • Joyce DeFelippi
  • Paul Dellabianca
  • Joseph and Denise Dobek
  • Emilie and Ronald Duhaime
  • Maria Formica
  • Funk Funeral Home
  • Debbie Gammon
  • Gary M. Buchanan Memorial Fund
  • Max and Sam Gorack
  • HairSay Salon LLC
  • Harvest Bakery, Inc.
  • Hour Glass Cleaners
  • Hubbard’s Florist
  • Brian and Aafje Kall
  • Joan and Warren Kirschner
  • Sue Kokofsky
  • Wilmar and Joan Lagasse
  • Edmund and Jo-Anne Lodovico
  • Tony and Judie Lodovico
  • Anthony and Kimberly Lodovico
  • Michael and Paula Lodovico
  • Michael Lodovico and Wendy
  • Goodwin
  • Alfred Lodovico
  • Dorrie Lowery
  • Dale Malvezzi
  • Linda and Philip Mannarino
  • Daniel and Sandy Marseglia
  • John and Sharon Mattas
  • Joanne and Kevin McCarthy
  • David and Mary Ann McCarthy
  • Nancy and James Mead
  • Roger Michele
  • Susan and Mark Moreau
  • Susan and Richard O’Brien
  • Stanley Olejarz
  • Dominic and Cynthia Perno
  • Frank and Marilyn Peters
  • Dawn Pinkowish
  • Deborah and John Porrini
  • Jon Pose
  • Michael and Vivian Positano
  • Madeline Reardon
  • Donald Rio
  • Carol Roys
  • Nancy Rush
  • Susan and Ronald Sadecki
  • Barbara Sergio
  • Shaffer Company
  • St. Paul Catholic High School
  • Studio Hair
  • John and Ann Taylor
  • The Artifi cial Flower Shop
  • Gerald and Marsha Tomlinson
  • Tracy Driscoll Insurance & Financial
  • Services
  • Ultimate Companies, Inc.
  • Leonard Valentino
  • Allison Wadonski
  • Mary and Ronald Wollenberg