Applying for a Scholarship

Is it worth applying for a scholarship if my/my parents’ adjusted gross income is above a certain amount or if I know I am receiving a large scholarship from the college/university I plan on attending?

Not all scholarships consider financial need when evaluating applicants, some focus on other things, such as community service, school involvement or your intended field of study. Additionally, scholarships give a varying degree of weight to financial need. For example, financial need is 50 percent of the total score for some scholarships, but only 5 percent of the total score for others.

If I am applying for multiple scholarships, do I have to fill out multiple applications?

If each scholarship that you are applying for requires that you use the online application, you will fill out the Common Application form and then answer supplemental questions specific to each scholarship (essays, letters or recommendation, etc.). You will only need to fill out the basic information (personal, financial, community activities, education information, etc.) once.

What documents do I need in order to complete the application?

You will need to prepare the following support materials to send in with your scholarship application:
- Copy of your full FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS), which you receive when you complete the FAFSA (
- Current transcript/report card.
- Two letters of recommendation (required for most funds; must be blinded).
- Essay (required for most funds; each fund has its own unique essay).

What is required in order for my application to be complete upon submission?

Additional instructions and requirements are listed on the application, but the following are required in order for the application to be deemed complete:
- Electronic signature, including the electronic signature of a parent/guardian if under the age of 18
- All required questions to be answered, including the upload of letters of recommendation and the completion of the essays
- One (1) copy of transcript
- One (1) copy of FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)