Passport to Plymouth to Celebrate Town’s 225th Anniversary

Although the Town of Plymouth’s 225th anniversary isn’t until 2020, the Plymouth Historical Society is getting a jump start on celebrating. Earlier this summer, a large mural depicting historical and current features of the town was unveiled on the side of the Lee’s Hardware building. Now the Historical Society is creating the Passport to Plymouth program as a fun and educational way for residents to discover 21 fascinating and unusual historic sites in town.

A $1,400 grant from the Betts Family Fund and the Bristol Brass General Grant Fund at Main Street Community Foundation was recently awarded to the Plymouth Historical Society to support the 16-page Passport to Plymouth. It will resemble an actual passport and will feature maps, descriptions and photos for each of the 21 sites.

“For each site, there will be questions in the Passport that can only be answered by looking for information at that location,” said Jerry Milne, Grants Coordinator for the Historical Society. “The intent of the Passport is to educate residents in a fun way about the unique heritage of their town, to make them proud to be from Plymouth and to create a sense of place and belonging. The sites were chosen for their historical significance but are also spread all over town so people see places they never knew existed.”

The Historical Society will run the program in partnership with the Plymouth Public Schools. Copies of the Passport will be distributed to every class and will also be available to all residents. There will be a digital version as well at www.plymouthhistoricalsociety.org, which can be printed.