Community Impact

Lighting Up The Lock Museum of America

September 2018 - The Lock Museum of America in Plymouth has created an entertaining way for the public to learn about the history of lockmaking – an adventure room. In 2017, the Museum opened The Lock Museum Adventure, an interactive game where puzzles and riddles are deciphered to open locks and antique safes to solve a mystery within five rooms in the Museum.

As this game becomes more popular, more and more visitors are coming to the Museum, which preserves the history of lockmaking, especially its contribution to the industrial heritage of central Connecticut, and houses the largest collection of locks and keys in the United States. To enhance visitor experience and make the exhibits more attractive and easier to see, a $1,500 grant from the Bristol Brass General Grant Fund at Main Street Community Foundation was awarded to the Museum to provide new LED lighting for display cases.

“A town’s identity is often defined by its culture and history,” stated Susan Sadecki, President & CEO of the Community Foundation. “It is important to keep history alive by providing funding to organizations such as the Lock Museum of America.”