Early Learning – A PET Project Fund

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Designated and Project Fund

Early Learning - A PET Project Fund, a designated fund, was established in 2018 by Mary-Alice Petrucelli-Timek to honor the memory of her brother, John R. Petrucelli. Grants will be made to Bristol Child Development Center (formerly known as Bristol Preschool Child Care Center, Inc.) of Bristol, CT and Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center of Bristol, CT for the organizations’ general operating uses and program support purposes.

John R. Petrucelli, a Meriden native and New Jersey resident, possessed a unique sense of humor, able to make everyone around him smile and engage in discussion .He had a knack when meeting people they would become his friend. It was because he was a very caring and thoughtful man.

His love of learning through exploration and play was evident as a young boy. He would build and launch rockets, take apart then put together any mechanical or electronic device.

As a young man, before he entered college he started his first company, PET Projects. He was an inventor and a seeker of knowledge. He always included his younger sisters in his scientific experiments and made them love learning too.

As an adult, he was an amazing sound engineer and was well known for his work in the industry. John started his career in audio in the New Haven area, first working with local bands and sound companies. He was an inventor and many of his designs are still in use. In addition to his design work, he always took the time to mentor other engineers.

This fund will continue John’s legacy for always thinking of others before himself, and instilling the love of learning in young minds.


John R. Petrucelli

Bristol Child Development Center

Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center

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