Community Leadership Initiatives

Main Street Community Foundation works to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations in the Connecticut communities of Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott.

The Foundation’s community leadership efforts, also known as “Money in Motion”, address a broad range of community goals. We identify opportunities within the community to support meaningful dialogue on issues affecting the towns we serve. We convene community members, assess changing needs, and propose action on critical concerns. In this way, the Foundation is able to develop collaborative solutions to meet emerging needs and provide support to what matters most to the people who live and work in the cities and towns of this region.

If you would like to support the Foundation’s community leadership initiatives, but are not ready to establish a named unrestricted fund, you may make a contribution at any time to the Money in Motion Fund. We will use your contribution, along with those of others, to tackle our communities’ greatest challenges.

Listed below are special projects, initiatives and collaborations currently underway. Grants awarded from the Money in Motion Fund have supported these as well as other community challenges. 

For more information on any of the Foundation's initiatives, please contact us.

Technical-Based Career Pathways

Main Street Community Foundation is working to increase awareness of technical-based career pathways in order to alleviate the shortage of skilled technical workers and increase employment opportunities within our local communities. The Foundation is an active member of the Bristol Technical Advisory Committee and the Southington Technical Advisory Board.

  • Read more about the Foundation's work in raising awareness of technical-based career pathways here and here.
  • The award-winning Adult Education Diploma and Certificate Program (AEDAC) provides adult learners with the opportunity to train for entry level positions in the manufacturing and banking industries. To read more about the AEDAC program, click here and here.

Ending Family Homelessness

Main Street Community Foundation, in collaboration with other local organizations, has created the Ending Family Homelessness Task Force in Bristol. The Task Force not only studies the issue of homelessness but also works to address, and ultimately, eliminate it.

  • Read more about the Foundation's involvement in ending family homelessness in Bristol here.

Immediate Response

There are several funds at Main Street Community Foundation that offer immediate assistance to a child or family in need due to a particular life situation or unexpected financial hardship. The needs may be related to food, clothing and shelter; health and safety; educational enrichment experiences; or opportunities for inclusion (ex: sports, camp).

Immediate Response requests are initiated by a social service organization, other nonprofit, or school working with an individual or family. The organization initiating the request, is aware of the life situation or financial hardship impacting the individual or family.

  • Read more about the Foundation's Immediate Response funds' impact here, or click here to contact the Foundation with a request.

Nonprofit Education and Development

Main Street Community Foundation helps to strengthen our communities' nonprofit leaders and organizations, both for today and for the future. The Foundation regularly partners with local organizations and consultants to offer workshops and webinars to local nonprofits on topics of interest to enhance the development and knowledge of nonprofit professionals and volunteers.

  • Read more about how the Foundation is building the capacity of local nonprofits here and here, or learn about upcoming education opportunities on our Events Page.