Bristol Route 6 Flag Fund

Fund Type: 
Designated and Project Fund

To honor all veterans, American flags are flown annually on Route 6 and other parts of Bristol from Memorial Day through Veteran’s Day. This tradition was started in 2002 by Bristol resident Bill Englert, and it has been continued by his son Joe Englert. Joe is a longtime Bristol resident and owner of City True Value Hardware, and giving back to the City of Bristol is a core part of his life and his family. Every year Joe and a group of caring residents put up the flags, maintain them, then take them down and store them; they ensure that every flag is of high quality and meets their standards to be displayed.

Joe Englert established this fund in 2022 to accept donations to purchase the American flags and keep this annual tradition alive.

Please specify individual(s) to be informed of your gift, the following will be shared with them: donor name, address and fund selection. The amount of your gift will not be shared.