Community Impact

ARPA Funding: Government-Nonprofit Partnerships to Better Our Communities

June 2022 - Published in: 2021 Annual Report - When the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) was enacted in early 2021, a total of $350 million in COVID-19 relief funds became available for governments to aid households, businesses and nonprofits. The unique thing was that governments were encouraged to speak with their constituents and listen to their communities to develop plans on how to expend the funds.

Communities across the country were recognizing how important it is for government and nonprofits to work together to assess need and potential impact these relief funds could provide. In August 2021, Main Street Community Foundation (MSCF) partnered with Connecticut Community Foundation, Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation and Valley Community Foundation to present an information session for municipalities and nonprofits that are located in the Cities and Towns served by the Naugatuck Valley COG (council of governments) and Northwest Hills COG. With over 80 participants on the virtual conversation, valuable information was shared regarding eligibility, planning, collaboration and ways funds could be strategically deployed to bring forth transformative change. MSCF ensured that representatives from all communities the Foundation served were part of the conversation.

Additionally, MSCF President & CEO was appointed to serve on the City of Bristol’s 15-member Task Force which is responsible for the development of guiding principles and process that will lead to the allocation of $28 million dollars in funding that Bristol will receive. This once in a lifetime opportunity is helping to rebuild a stronger and more equitable community.