Jake Gilbert Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund

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The Jake Gilbert Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund was established by the Robert Rosenheim Foundation to honor the memory of Jake Gilbert. Jake studied Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, and this scholarship not only honors his legacy but will help inspire other culinary students who have the same passion that Jake had for food.

Jake Gilbert was a wonderful, smart human being who accomplished so much in his short time on earth. He wasn’t flashy and did things his own way and on his own terms. Everything was a science with him, whether it be his gardening with his compost tea, or his salt and freshwater fish tanks, or his love of the culinary arts. He was researching the perfect pizza crust starting with poolish, a starter dough. His Dad and brother were feverishly working to complete an outdoor pizza oven for Jake as his disease progressed. Unfortunately, Jake passed away before he could fire up his first pizza, and it will be a bittersweet moment when his family makes their first wood-fired pizza in Jake’s honor.

Jake was diagnosed in 2019 with a rare, aggressive soft tissue sarcoma. He underwent surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and clinical trial drugs. He fought hard for four years and was the bravest warrior to his family and friends. Cancer took him on October 21, 2022 at the young age of 24, but his memory will live on forever.

This scholarship will help others achieve their culinary passions and dreams while continuing Jake’s legacy. It is available to graduating seniors or current college students who reside in or attend/attended high school in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington or Wolcott who are pursuing a degree in the culinary arts.

Jake Gilbert

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