Community Impact

Manufacturing Workforce Program Graduates Bristol Students

September 2017 - On June 2, 2017, several students who were part of a Manufacturing Workforce cohort at Bristol Adult Education received certificates commemorating their accomplishments. This unique program is the result of a collaborative effort among the City of Bristol, the Bristol Public School System, Bristol manufacturers, the Department of Labor, Main Street Community Foundation, Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce and other local organizations. This cohort was the fourth in the field of Manufacturing training and certainly the most successful. The majority of the students have been employed locally by manufacturing companies based upon their skills in manufacturing and dedication to utilizing the employability skills that they were taught.

The Manufacturing Workforce Program began with student interviews and a selection process based upon the students’ interest in the field of manufacturing, their willingness to commit to the training times and their intent to be consistent in attendance and participation. The Manufacturing Program is comprised of four components: Math for Manufacturing, Employability Skills, Theory of Manufacturing, and floor time at Rowley Spring and MetalStamping. The students spent 72 hours in the classroom and 64 hours on the factory floor, working with trained employees in slide forming products, Torsion and Quality Control. The program began February 1, 2017 and ran until mid-May. Students attended classes each Monday and Wednesday from 1:00PM until 8:00PM, which were scheduled to simulate an actual work shift.

This particular cohort grew tremendously in manufacturing knowledge, math skills and employability skills. Although they started as strangers, they quickly grew into a united group. They developed a concern for one another, and genuinely supported each other through their struggles and celebrated each of their successes. This group truly embodied the definition of teamwork. Most impressive was the individual transformations that occurred for each student throughout their participation. Growth was evident from physical appearances to the changes in personal pride. Ultimately, the participants are employable members of Bristol who now can improve their lives and the lives of their families with the resources they receive from working. These include, but are not limited to, getting off state assistance, providing children with health care, purchasing a car and having a first life insurance policy. As a result of this unprecedented program, several students and their families have been positively impacted. And with that, the community of Bristol becomes all the better.