136 Students Awarded $256,000 in Scholarships

Four year colleges and universities. Military academies. Community colleges. Technical schools.

This is where Main Street Community Foundation scholarship recipients will be furthering their education in the fields of business, healthcare, criminal justice, journalism, education, engineering, visual arts, skilled trades and so much more.

A total of $256,615 was awarded in scholarships to 138 students at varying levels of their academic careers. The students – graduating high school seniors, current college students, adults returning to school and elementary and secondary school students – hail from the towns of Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott as well as other communities.
“This year’s group of scholarship recipients is resilient and determined,” said Susan Sadecki, President & CEO of Main Street Community Foundation. “We are proud to support these students and grateful to the donors whose generosity has made scholarships possible since the Foundation’s establishment 26 years ago.”

Scholarship grants were awarded from 81 named funds administered by the Foundation and established by generous local individuals, families and businesses. Although each scholarship fund has unique criteria, all donors seek to assist students in pursuing their education and career goals; they have a belief that helping students ease the financial obligations of education is an investment in the future.

All scholarships are awarded through a competitive blind application process. A volunteer selection committee appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors evaluates all applicants before recommending recipients and awards.

The 2021 Main Street Community Foundation scholarship recipients are as follows:

  • Academic Achievement Award: Ailey Driscoll, Jennifer Fomenko and Emma Quintero
  • Christian Arndt Scholarship Fund: Tyler Mendela
  • E. Bartlett Barnes Award of Journalism Fund: Krista Christmas, Zoe Krueger and Logan Zdun
  • Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Fund: Andrew Davies
  • Sylvia Bodak Memorial Scholarship Fund: Alyssa Lavoie
  • Peter and Marjorie Bossi Educational Fund: Devora Trestman
  • Bowerman Scholarship Fund: Amber Champagne
  • Bristol Boys & Girls Club Schulman Fund: Brianna Champagne, Amari Floyd, Brianna Parker and Ramon Peters
  • Bristol Lions Club F. Fred Soliani Memorial Scholarship Fund: Amber Champagne
  • Bristol Police Scholarship Fund: Mackenzie Pina
  • Bristol Yale Club Scholarship Fund: Disha Beri, Ryan Krompegal, Jia Xin Lin, Alexis Ludko, Lexi Michaud, Hayden Michele, Kha Ngo, Nadia Rapp, Jithu Sajeevan
  • Burlington Lions Charities Scholarship Fund: Brianna Kelly, Brooke Kvedar, Joseph Mazzei
  • Ron Burns Community Leadership Scholarship Fund: Brianna Parker
  • Conn Acoustics Scholarship Fund: Casper Muter
  • Peg Coughlin Nursing Scholarship Fund: Karolina Wojtysko
  • Rit Croce Academic and Vocational Scholarship Fund: Thomas Hayden
  • Richard A. DellaVecchia Scholarship Fund: Emma Doran
  • Katherine Dobroczynski Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kathryn Clynes
  • Jeffrey Downes Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Trades: Joshua Mayle
  • Karen Finder Scholarship Fund: Emina Velic
  • Carolyn Fisher Scholarship Fund: Kayla Lachance
  • Olivia Fusco Memorial Art Scholarship Fund: Pio Castellano
  • Joann Galati Scholarship Fund for Education: Olivia Skipper
  • GE's Industrial Solutions Scholarship Fund: Kayla Pollman and Lauren Viets
  • Andrew and Murielle Giacomini Scholarship Fund: Brooke Soucy
  • Azilda Hebert Music Scholarship Fund: Devora Trestman
  • Grace & Norma Joy Scholarship Fund: Lexi Michaud
  • John Kalinoski Scholarship Fund: Tyler Mendela
  • Kalt Moreau Family Scholarship Fund for Education: Devora Trestman
  • KAWFY Memorial Scholarship Fund: Pio Castellano, Jacob Cipriano, Emma Doran, Thomas Hayden, Kha Ngo
  • Vincent T. Kozyrski Scholarship Fund: Erin Klem
  • Sean Landry Memorial Basketball Scholarship Fund: Sean O'Donnell
  • Ray Machine Corp./Ray & Darlene Lassy Family Fund: Nathan Scarola
  • John J. and Doris Lazorik Memorial Scholarship Fund: Sammi Bray, Noelle Bruce and Lexi Michaud
  • Leger Initiative for Education Fund: Karolina Wojtysko
  • Dave Lepore Journalism Scholarship Fund: Logan Zdun
  • Therese MacCallum "Great Kid" Scholarship Fund: Braeden Laframboise and Auiranna Monteiro
  • Nicholas P. Maglio ACE Fund: Emma Rodjenski
  • Maskery Family Scholarship Fund: Samantha Erickson
  • Elizabeth I. and Louis J. Matt Medical Scholarship Fund: Emma Doran, Caitlin Hildebrand, Sydney Leppones and Lexi Michaud
  • Robert E. and Angeline P. McCormack Scholarship Fund: Erin Klem and Gabriel LeBlanc
  • McMaster-Moulthrop Scholarship Fund: Ailey Driscoll, Jennifer Fomenko, Marisa Heller, Madison Laprise, Christopher Osuch, Samantha Plourd, Natalia Popielarz, Emma Quintero, Douglas Sato and Lauren Warner
  • Dorothy Micloskey Ives Award Fund: Samantha Plourd
  • Ken E. Micloskey Award: Sarah Evanoski
  • Dave Mongillo Memorial/Golf Scholarship Fund: Cooper Burdette and Max Chubet
  • Al and Joan Monico Scholarship Fund: Lexi Michaud and Ramon Peters
  • NESMA Scholarship Fund: Erin Klem and Alyssa Lavoie
  • AJR Nocera Memorial Fund: Stanley Cardona and Kha Ngo
  • Anthony Norton Scholarship Fund: Kahiona Senior
  • Scott W. Organ Student-Athletic Scholarship Fund: Lexi Michaud
  • Ralph Papazian Memorial Scholarship Fund: Jakob Salinas
  • Estelle Delano Peterson Scholarship Fund: Kelly Poulin
  • Dorothy Dewey Picard Music Scholarship Fund: Pio Castellano
  • Plymouth Community Club Scholarship Fund: Kayla Lachance
  • Alice Pulsifer Memorial Scholarship Fund: Noelle Bruce
  • Max and Ruth Rabin Scholarship Fund: Amber Champagne
  • Radcliff Family Education Fund: Kerly Delgado, Carter Dziedzic, Lexi Michaud and Selena Norton
  • Radcliff Plainville High School Fund: Kyle Badorek, Jason Demmons, Andrew Michalek and Emanuel Yawin
  • Louis J. Rascoe Scholarship Fund: Kayla Lachance
  • Julie A. Roche Nursing Scholarship Fund: Emma Doran
  • Douglas Roland Aid for the Trades Scholarship Fund: Joshua Mayle
  • Clement J. Roy Scholarship Fund: Brianna Champagne
  • Dora Schubert Scholarship Fund: Eli Benson
  • Lawrence (Larry) Scelza Memorial Scholarship Fund: Remy Mavinga
  • Glo Sessions Fund for Art Education: Brianna Kelley
  • Jill Lynne Shackett Educational Scholarship Fund: Emily Bourassa, Ashlynn Jefferson and Olivia Skipper
  • Southington Observer/StepSaver Scholarship Fund: Erin Klem
  • Jay W. and Elizabeth M. Tyrrell Scholarship Fund: Raechel Klouda, Zoe Krueger and Sarah Lynch
  • Dr. Joan T. Wallace Prize for Highest Achievement in English at Southington High School: Gabriel LeBlanc
  • John & Peggy Walsh Memorial Scholarship Fund: Amber Champagne, Brianna Champagne, Jia Xin Lin, Brisa Lopez-Zaragoza and Lexi Michaud
  • Kristen Warner Scholarship Fund: Braeden Laframboise
  • John Whitcomb Scholarship Fund: Damian Martin
  • Eva Brodowicz Wickwire Volunteer Scholarship Fund: Gina Dangelo
  • Pat & Bob Wollenberg Scholarship Fund for Special Education: Brooke Cusano and Stephanie Tramontanis
  • Yarde Metals Memorial Scholarship Fund: Phoebe Barlow, Brooke Fitzgerald, Lauren Fitzgerald, Jack Kozikowski, Kate Kozikowski, Jonathan Lukasiewicz, Adrien Marcos, Nathan Morton, Dallas Sims and Jackson Vogel

Furthermore, the following scholarships were awarded to local elementary and secondary school students:

  • 4 Burns Scholarship - St. Joseph/St. Paul Fund awarded two students attending St. Paul Catholic High School scholarship grants
  • Keating-Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded scholarship grants to 16 students attending St. Joseph School in Bristol
  • Lena M. & Peter L. Korotie Scholarship Fund awarded two students attending St. Paul Catholic High School scholarship grants
  • Malerbo Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded scholarship grants to 17 students attending St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol
  • Saint Matthew School Scholarship Fund awarded one student attending St. Matthew School in Bristol a scholarship grant
  • Louise (Humphrey) Van Gorder Music Camp Scholarship Fund awarded one student a full-tuition scholarship to attend Laurel Music Camp this summer