Haiti Medical Fund

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Designated and Project Fund

Dan Scoppetta, a longtime surgeon in Bristol, developed a relationship with the Grand Anse Women’s Special Health Program in 2016, on his way home from one of his regular volunteer surgical missions to Haiti. To Dan’s surprise, the Grand Anse Women’s Special Health Program was run by a nurse who grew up on a farm, in Bristol, where ESPN is now located. When he toured the local hospital, he was amazed when he found out that the hospital that served 500,000 souls did not have a single surgeon. He was also surprised that the hospital operating room was remarkably functional. He was called to serve when he met Mathilde. Mathilde was in an advanced stage of breast cancer; all Dan could do was help the nurses clean Mathilde’s festering and malodorous wound. Doing this meant she was now able to die in the company of her family and friends. She touched Dan’s shoulder in thanks and with that touch, Dan knew he had to bring surgery to this community.

Grande Anse Surgery Project is a group of health professionals who think holistically and passionately about society’s obligation to provide quality surgical care to the residents of Jeremie, Haiti. This advocacy is rooted in the direct voices and experiences of Haitians who have suffered from lack of surgical care.

This fund will serve as a collection mechanism for donations and grant funds to support expenses for medically and technically trained volunteers participating in these trips to Haiti. These volunteers will support the Grand Anse Women’s Special Health Program, develop a general surgery program at the local hospital and teach the local professionals how to care for general surgery patients, including pre and post-operative care.

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